Certified RTOS Technology for Embedded “Hard Real Time” Systems

SYSGO has more than 25 years of expertise in certifiable software, agile and responsive, with long term support for all of our OS products. PikeOS is a Hypervisor based separation microkernel designed for the highest levels of safety and security. PikeOS Hypervisor technology has been certified on a wide range of projects using various certification standards including DO-178C, IEC 61508, EN 50128, EN 62304 and ISO 26262.

PikeOS Hypervisor is fully customisable using our CODEO graphical eclipse based IDE, allowing guest partitions to be deployed, including ARINC 653, Linux, POSIX, AUTOSAR, RTEMS and PikeOS native with support for ARM, NXP, X86, Leon/Sparc processor architectures.

ELinOS is an industrial grade Linux designed to be built out of the box with ease. ELinOS is a managed Linux distribution, based on Kernel 4.1 with long term version support available. ELinOS is 100% compatible with PikeOS.

Why you should use PikeOS for Aerospace & Defense
Aerospace & Defense projects are extremely complex due to the high demands on technology and safety, coupled with pressure on time and costs. The use of PikeOS resolves a wide array of challenges at the same time:

  • Reduced complexity saves weight, energy, space and costs: PikeOS enables integration of a large number of electronic devices onto a single or a few standardized hardware platforms.
  • Integrated safety reduces certification costs: applications of various levels of criticality and security are safely separated from one another in distinct partitions and certified separately.
  • Extreme flexibility provides independence from suppliers in the choice of hardware and software: PikeOS supports a broad range of hardware architectures and provides interfaces for a wide array of personalities. It is easy to add additional architectures and interfaces (including for legacy code).
  • Multiple Independent Levels of Security (MILS) architecture: MILS compliant PikeOS controls communications and provides protection against malicious attack. Common Criteria certification process has been engaged.
  • Expandable saves costs in downstream incremental development: partitions are simple to configure in the development phase and can even be supplemented and expanded with new applications after entry into service.